Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Greenwich Connect is a joint venture that will deliver a 21 km full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network infrastructure across the the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It is half-owned by DG Cities, and half-owned by ITS Technology Group, who will lead the project, also managing the build and roll out of the network.

This will be a network initially in Woolwich that connects local ‘access’ networks, which connect individual users to the internet, to the national ‘core’ network which connects towns and cities. It’s like a regional ring road that provides a link between local roads and motorways.

The Digital Greenwich Connect network will be capable of carrying high capacity high speed – one gigabit per second and above – digital information and data and will connect to national and international digital infrastructure at recognised locations.

Our technology partner ITS is a trusted provider of wholesale business communications and is a significant stakeholder in bringing Digital Greenwich Connect Services to market.

The rollout of the network is happening now and ITS has multiple partners from whom customers can purchase services.

Complete our postcode checker or complete a ‘Contact us’ form for more information.

You can order now. Even if full service is not yet available in your postcode we can provide a range of early service solutions and will migrate your connection to the full network within 12 months.

Currently, the network is being built to serve and support businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations, as well as council owned MDUs. Further information relating to residential access will be made available.

The £2m Joint Venture is 50% owned by DG Cities and 50% owned by ITS Technology Group.