Public Sector and Local Government

Health and social care have been under immense strain for some time now, worsened by the pandemic and tight budgetary restrictions.

Digital Greenwich Connect provides a digital infrastructure that can support world-class healthcare and social care provision. Our network was created to help connect communities, improve patient experience, and allow for better access to MedTech and digital services.

Security and protection for sensitive patient data is a paramount concern, and Digital Greenwich Connect provides a resilient network that can help protect this data and your budgets across the region.

We strive to provide ultrafast, reliable, and readily available connectivity that can help alleviate the pressures of health and social care and make a difference in your community.

Our Public Sector / local government customers can expect:

  • A network that’s majority owned in the region, built specifically to serve the locality, and can be quickly tailored to individual requirements
  • Robust support for a hybrid workforce that can maintain optimum levels of productivity
  • The speed to accelerate recovery and achieve inclusive growth
  • A network designed to link business, commerce, and citizens to Data Centres and Cloud Services, helping the region to ‘go digital’
  • Measurable social value and a boost to levelling up initiatives
  • A network that delivers the capability to support new technologies such as 5G