Infrastructure Providers and Network Operators

The Digital Greenwich Connect full fibre network is an innovative solution to an increasingly pressing issue of our time; providing coverage, bandwidth, and high network performance for a society that has become increasingly reliant on the internet.

This quickly-installed, next-generation network can help modernise existing network infrastructure within the city region and relieve the pressure on bandwidth as more citizens connect to 5G.

Digital Greenwich Connect is designed to provide the most resilient, accessible and affordable connectivity on the market, helping its partners and customers to benefit from an industry-leading customer experience.

By investing in the Digital Greenwich Connect full fibre network, you can ensure that your partners and customers are supported with outstanding connectivity.

Our Infrastructure Provider, Carriers and MNO clients can expect:

  • A network that is quickly installed, secure, hassle-free, flexible, and adaptable
  • Faster, higher quality and more reliable connections to and from the digital world
  • More attractive price points than current alternatives
  • A network that’s majority owned in the region, built specifically to serve the locality, and can be quickly tailored to individual requirements
  • The speed and reliability to build global partnerships, power research and development and be at the forefront of innovation
  • Robust support for a hybrid workforce that can maintain optimum levels of productivity