Health and social care

In recent times, few sectors have experienced the pressures of health and social care. The weight of the pandemic, on infrastructures already stressed by tight budgetary restrictions, have presented significant challenges. Challenges that are not helped by poor internet performance.

LCR Connect aims to relieve these pressures by providing a digital infrastructure that supports world-class healthcare provision through ultrafast, resilient, and readily available connectivity.

Our network has been designed to better connect you to your communities, enhance patient experience, help you achieve Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), and support the Liverpool City Region’s health and social care community access the best MedTech and digital services.

And with the security of sensitive patient data a constant imperative, LCR Connect’s resilient network can help you not only protect and safeguard this data across the region, but protect your budgets too.

Our health and social care customers can expect:

  • A network that is quickly installed, secure, hassle-free, flexible, and adaptable
  • Faster, higher quality and more reliable connections to and from the digital world
  • More attractive price points than current alternatives
  • A network that’s majority owned in the region, built specifically to serve the locality, and can be quickly tailored to individual requirements
  • The speed and reliability to build global partnerships, power research and development and be at the forefront of innovation
  • Robust support for a hybrid workforce that can maintain optimum levels of productivity