Schools, academies, colleges, and universities are increasingly being run like businesses due to tight budget restrictions and the pressure to deliver results in line with government policy.

Poor connectivity presents a major obstacle, impeding research, engagement with the private sector, student attraction, fee justification, and the ability to add social value.

Digital Greenwich Connect is working to overcome this obstacle by leveraging next-generation, city region-led technology to positively impact teaching and learning. Our network will accelerate the digital learning agenda, driving improved outcomes for all classrooms by supporting a digital-rich curriculum across every school and college.

Schools can now become the most secure in the online world, with an infrastructure that allows them to build and transform on smaller budgets, and the connectivity to power world-class science, innovation, and enterprise.

Our education customers can expect:

  • Robust support for rich remote learning experiences
  • The speed and reliability to build global partnerships, power research and development and be at the forefront of innovationDark fibre offering near limitless bandwidth and the ability to create your own private network with connectivity managed and operated by you
  • Easy flexibility and scalability with the right bandwidth always available meaning high speed internet in every classroom
  • Faster, higher quality and more reliable connections to and from the digital world
  • High speed internet in every classroom